pc tune up

PC Tune Up

Speed Up Your Computer

What most people don't know about Windows is that if you don't have the proper knowledge and tools your computer can become really slow over time.
But this is fixable and preventable in the future with just a little bit of training.

Not only will you get a tune up out of this but I will also show you some tips and tricks to put you light years ahead of your friends when it comes to computers. For example, on your keyboard now press and hold the Windows key and the D key.
Welcome back. That's a shortcut to take you straight to your desktop without minimizing all of the windows. If you press it again it brings everything back.

Just Like New

Sometimes people wait way too long and it's just impossible to get the computer back to it's speedy state. But you can always reinstall Windows and I can help you with that as well.

Hardware Upgrades

Most times you do not need to buy a new computer, you may just need some more RAM or more hard drive storage.
I can help you with hardware upgrades on your existing computer to save you a ton of money.