home network

Networking & File Sharing

Full Potential For Your Network

Home or Small Business networking and file sharing implementation. Did you know that all of your computers can use the one printer? Or that you can share the same files across all computers in your home or office?
Most users do not understand the power of a good home network. With a network infrastructure in place you can back up your important files across multiple computers and storage devices. This will save all of your photos and music when your computer decides to crash or get a virus. Do not be left hanging in that situation.
With the right technologies in your home you can stream media from your computer to your TV wirelessly. If you have the money for the hardware, I can get you set up proper.


Wireless Security is Key

Fortify Your Network

But with the awesome wireless network you're now open to a world of security risk. Is your network secure? Can people access your files? Is your neighbor stealing your signal? Personal information? Can they see your photos and documents on your PC? Do they have your bank account information? Do not risk these possibilities. Make sure you are safe and get set up by a pro.