wireless security

Computer Security

Protect Your Identity

Is your computer at risk?
Have you already been hacked?
Does someone have access to your computer?

You may think the answer is no and that you're safe but in most cases this is not the truth. With today's ever so intrusive evolving internet, you can be sure someone out there wants into your PC. If you run the Windows Operating System and use Internet Explorer then it is highly likely you are at risk. I can help you get you up to date and make sure you are safe from the future wave of attacks plaguing the internet. Can be setup remotely, contact now.

Anti Virus & Spyware

Be Safe Online

computer security A huge problem on the internet right now is fake Anti Virus applications known as Rouge Anti Virus or Scareware.
How do you know if you have been infected?
Do you get pop ups saying your system is infected? Does it run a scan and tell you to purchase now in order to fix the problem? If so you are a victim.
I can fix this for you. Contact me ASAP. The program has already infected your computer and opened up a back door for other runaway trojan viruses to access your computer. This is a terrible rabbit hole to go down. While things may seem fine on your end, they are not.
You may think you have to buy some big expensive super program from a major corperation in order to stay protected. I can show you otherwise and save you a ton of money. Can be setup remotely, contact now.